Thursday, November 27, 2008

t-day ain't for turkey.

boyfriend and i cooked a mini-feast today. not for thanksgiving, just for the food! we had a rotissierie chicken, homemade garlic mashed potatoes with rice milk, stuffing from whole foods, zucchini that tasted bad (too much rosemary) and pumpkin pie from whole foods. we also had organic martinelli's sparkling apple juice! 

we went to see slumdog millionaire at the ritz east. it was hauntingly beautiful/disturbing/uplifting. there are so many films i want to see, such as: milk, revolutionary road, the reader. (all previews i saw today!) 

just had leftovers from our feast for dinner. i'm tired. but not because of turkey, just because. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


bhujapidasansa today. kurmasana tomorrow. sounds good. my grandma died last night, went to yoga this morning. felt kind of off during the standing series, but by the time i sitting on the floor i was alright. will go to yoga tomorrow and then home for the funeral. i'm obviously going to miss the last day with david, but it's ok. such is life. maybe i'll take a led primary on friday night in baltimore. that's always a challenge. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sylvia babus.

you were a character. you were classic. you were the epitome of a jewish motha. you were and always will be my new york grandma. tell god i said hello.

yoga squared.

this is yoga squared. this is where i practice. this is starting to feel like a new home. 


david keil (of is at our shala this week. he's an awesome teacher! yay david! 

so i just started practicing mysore style ashtanga not too long ago. it's been hard to get up in the morning some days but it's always worth it to be there in the end. i guess for this first month i was stopping at navasana because that's where my teacher told me to. i couldn't even get my legs off the ground for a while because it hurt my lower back. but today i made the effort to take my legs off the ground even if they were bent at the knee...
after navasana, i went straight to my backbends and david asked me what was my last pose and i said navasana and he told me to take bhujapidasana. of course i've never really learned this pose so he taught me and made me try it three times. it's fun learning new poses for sure. i like learning this way. i like knowing that this is where i'll be for right now. and that something else may come along later. 

i'm really tired. i couldn't fall asleep last night and i woke up at 5. and now i have to work for 10-11 hours. i think tonight i shouldn't have a problem with passing out.. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blue Boy!

That's my boy blue!!! I'm so proud of you Obama. Mazel tov.


25 years of contemplation.

i turned 25 on saturday. had an awesome birthday dinner at sitar with asher, quinn, lauren, katie, sara, annah, bleu and jennilee. woo woo. other highlights of the weekend: yoga class with quinn, going to the blarney stone to make my sis happy, farmer's market, buying sexy sexy sexy guess jeans and getting a new cell phone.

last week in philly, the streets bled red. the sky bled red. everything was red. everyone was hyped. the energy in the city was insane.

all has calmed down. the sky is no longer red but blue! blue for obama. the city is blue!!! i dressed in blue. i dressed j-man in blue. i thought in blue. GO OBAMA! i just voted for this amazing man! there was no line. 25 years old. obama better f-ing win! or else my late 20's might suck balls...

:) VOTE VOTE VOTE.. not that anyone reads my funny little blog.