Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a trip to the grocery store.

I've been minimizing "stuff" in my life. Some stuff... I cut out coffee for the month of June.. to save money. And save I did! I slowly am drinking a cup or not a day.. I also cut out spending lots of money on clothing or outings. I am trying to live with what I have, although I did buy myself a pair of TOMS shoes the other day.. Anyway.

Tonight, I went to Whole Foods Callowhill. I had $41 in cash, mostly 1's. I decided that I wouldn't spend more than that. If I could spend less, then awesome. But I would not go over. In order to do this, I whipped out my cell phone and used it's calculator function to add up my items as I shopped. I had a blast. I'm telling you, this is how to grocery shop. I also brought my Chrome Back Pack (empty of course) and used it to bring my groceries home. I did drive my car because I was kind of tired from biking around town today.. but I easily could have biked with the groceries on my back.

So I spent $32.05 on my groceries. I was almost exact in my calculations on how much I would spend. I bought essentials like peanut butter and bread and eggs. I bought some frivolous things like organic raspberries and organic peaches. I also bought sunscreen. I won't bore you with the totals of everything. If you would like me to join you in a food shopping trip to help keep you on budget, I would love to!! Of course, it has to be at a cool food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joes or Essene. I can't stand all those other stores. They really drive me nuts.

Ok lovelies. The picture above is of my full backpack. It could've held more. Probably $10 more. This is good stuff.

Monday, June 28, 2010

ashtanga growing pains.

Whenever I learn a new pose in the Ashtanga system, I find my body being a little sore... I've heard, "New Pose, New Pain" and "Pain coming, Pain going." Both of which are true. I think the reason for new pose, new pain is that with every new pose, you use more and more muscles you've never used before, therefore your body reacts in certain ways to this new movement. Sometimes pain comes, then it goes.

I'm in the process of practicing Laghu Vajrasana, little thunderbolt pose.

Holy Fuck. Yeah. I said it. Holy Fuck. This pose is all quadriceps. I thought I had strong quads from biking, but apparently, not strong enough. I told the teacher today that my legs were on fire. He told me, "Well it is called little thunderbolt pose..." I said,
"It's fucking thundery." Yes. I totally said that.

Anyway. When you're a kid you have growing pains. Your body changes and it hurts sometimes. (I sound like a lifetime tv show..)

With Ashtanga, I'm coining the phrase: Ashtanga Growing Pains.

You learn a new pose. You have a little ache. A little pain. You're growing. Learning how to "walk again" or practice a new pose. It's all about the baby steps. Seriously...One breath at a time.

Pade Pade.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

austin, tx skyline.. from my cell.

10 things that make me happy right now.

1. My roommate Jennifer. I love having her around!! It's like having a sister that I don't fight with! Woot woot.

2. My asana practice. I'm loving it. Tomorrow, I am apparently learning a new pose.. and I'm nervous.. (Laghu Vajrasana)

3. Summer. Summer. Summertime. I'm loving up on the vitamin D.

4. I've been off of coffee for a few weeks now. I feel calm. I miss the taste of it though.

5. I'm teaching yoga tomorrow for the first time since teacher training. Excited for this opportunity.

6. Netflix. I love getting DVD's in the mail. It sometimes makes my day/night. I curl up with Pix on my lap and Sage at my feet and it's perfect.

7. My friends.

8. Clean sheets.

9. Austin, TX is on the horizon. I get so excited thinking about all the possibilities that the future holds.

10. Memories. I love having some good old memories to think back on and smile about.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

growing up.

1st photo: west philly, september 2008?
2nd photo: northern liberties, june 2010!

wow. my hair is long. haha. i feel like i've grown up so much in these past two years in philly. i'll be 27 this fall. it feels good. i finally don't feel like an awkward 20-something year old.. i'm closer to 30 now. that's weird to say. closer to 30. closer to fine!! :) i'm exhausted from work.. just wanted to archive some hair photos. got a haircut from anthony at american mortals. you should get your haircut there if you live in philly. he's my go to man.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now.

1. the best savasana ever today. it was like i was present and aware of my mind and i told myself to just stop thinking. and i went in and out "awake" moments. i felt tingly all over.

2. landed a substitute yoga teacher job at WakeUp Yoga and Sankhya Yoga!

3. air conditioning...

4. hair cut this friday with ant!

5. homemade iced tea. (i need to buy lemons and mint for this weekly creation!)

6. talking to asher via text and phone. so good to hear his voice from his bike trip.

7. my dogs and ferret. i'm like the ring leader in the circus show here.. i love them. we are having so many fun times together. (for example: last night pixel was running in circles around the apartment and huckster the ferret was chasing him. they kept running for a while. it was hilarious).

8. netflix. i plan on relaxing on my sofa with the pups all summer.

9. non-fat frozen yogurt from trader joe's. best snack ever.

10. water. to drink. water. to play in. water. to shower in. having clean, fresh water is a gift. i cherish it.

(ps. i'm slightly buzzed on beer at 5pm in the afternoon.. that's number 11. i took the night off of work tonight. going to see exit through the gift shop with my friend zack who is visiting from boston!! woot woot!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

november 2008.

with asher away, i've been so nostalgic. this was on my birthday in 2008. the day after halloween. it's the only touristy thing we've done in philly. i still haven't been to the art museum or the franklin institute. hope to get the energy to leave northern liberties sometime soon. i've become a hermit. i spend time with the dogs and just sit inside. kind of sad right now. it's ok. jennifer moves in soon and we'll go out and play.

missing these fools.

i miss asher and morgan. my apartment is quiet and clean without them.. i'd rather have the mess.. you can follow them on their journey across the great divide via bicycle here:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

pics from indian food dinner!

ATX: dinner at G'raj Mahal.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

barton springs.

swimming at barton springs on memorial day. water is constantly in the 60's, which is cold as first. but once you're floating in your inner tube, it feels fab. great place to hang in austin, for only $3!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ashtanga Austin/G'raj Mahal Cafe.

photo 1: me, sitting in the car, getting ready to head back to jp's house after ashtanga austin. sweaty. sweaty.

photo 2: self portrait at the (click) g'raj mahal cafe. indian food cooked in a trailer truck, served to locals outside. it was super fab.

xo <3

10 things that make me happy in & about Austin, TX.

1. Barton Springs.
2. trailer trucks full of food.
3. ATX whole foods, like super super big and beautiful.
4. wine + beer sold in food stores, score!
5. happy people full of vitamin D, happy people don't kill people.
6. lots of trees and outdoor activities.
7. a million coffee shops to choose from.
8. tattoo shops on every other corner!
9. international food, indian, mexican, thai, etc. lots of choices. (there's even Texadelphia : cheesesteaks.. i think i'll pass).
10. catci and succulents galore.