Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now.

1. My roommate Jennifer. I love having her around!! It's like having a sister that I don't fight with! Woot woot.

2. My asana practice. I'm loving it. Tomorrow, I am apparently learning a new pose.. and I'm nervous.. (Laghu Vajrasana)

3. Summer. Summer. Summertime. I'm loving up on the vitamin D.

4. I've been off of coffee for a few weeks now. I feel calm. I miss the taste of it though.

5. I'm teaching yoga tomorrow for the first time since teacher training. Excited for this opportunity.

6. Netflix. I love getting DVD's in the mail. It sometimes makes my day/night. I curl up with Pix on my lap and Sage at my feet and it's perfect.

7. My friends.

8. Clean sheets.

9. Austin, TX is on the horizon. I get so excited thinking about all the possibilities that the future holds.

10. Memories. I love having some good old memories to think back on and smile about.

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