Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a trip to the grocery store.

I've been minimizing "stuff" in my life. Some stuff... I cut out coffee for the month of June.. to save money. And save I did! I slowly am drinking a cup or not a day.. I also cut out spending lots of money on clothing or outings. I am trying to live with what I have, although I did buy myself a pair of TOMS shoes the other day.. Anyway.

Tonight, I went to Whole Foods Callowhill. I had $41 in cash, mostly 1's. I decided that I wouldn't spend more than that. If I could spend less, then awesome. But I would not go over. In order to do this, I whipped out my cell phone and used it's calculator function to add up my items as I shopped. I had a blast. I'm telling you, this is how to grocery shop. I also brought my Chrome Back Pack (empty of course) and used it to bring my groceries home. I did drive my car because I was kind of tired from biking around town today.. but I easily could have biked with the groceries on my back.

So I spent $32.05 on my groceries. I was almost exact in my calculations on how much I would spend. I bought essentials like peanut butter and bread and eggs. I bought some frivolous things like organic raspberries and organic peaches. I also bought sunscreen. I won't bore you with the totals of everything. If you would like me to join you in a food shopping trip to help keep you on budget, I would love to!! Of course, it has to be at a cool food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joes or Essene. I can't stand all those other stores. They really drive me nuts.

Ok lovelies. The picture above is of my full backpack. It could've held more. Probably $10 more. This is good stuff.


Christina said...

ooh I love toms shoes! where did you get them!?

Amanda said...

bus stop boutique on 4th and fitzwater. small selection. but good..

Anonymous said...

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