Tuesday, June 30, 2009

practice. practice. practice.

on the mat today and yesterday. 

monday was just about getting back into the groove. today was fully charged with emotions and energy. is when we are emotional that we need the practice the most? to help focus our minds. to help figure things. i do not know. my body and mind both loved practice today. i gave it 110%. 

i'm enjoying practice with david g. he's setting the bar high, and i like it. i like when it's raised and you try harder to meet the bar, even when you don't meet the bar, it's still amazing when you try. try, try again.

do it and forget it.

i feel like i don't have much else to say. i'm really tired. at work. gonna go to the park and whole foods soon. 

Saturday, June 20, 2009


i keep journals. i never finish them. i keep them for years.

i found my journal from last year and probably a little from the year before. circa 2007-08?

i opened up to a page that said:

tattoo's i want: 3/19/08
pigeons on my chest!
two girls on front of right leg
lighthouse on left arm!


well since march 19th 2008, i've gotten the pigeons and the lighthouse. i don't know when i decided i want these tattoos, if it was before this date. or on this date. but it's cool to look back at old tattoos i've wanted and to know that i have them now. and to look at other entries and see tattoos i've never gotten and i'm glad i've never gotten.

it's good to sit on tattoo ideas for a while. at this point, my collection of art on my body is really awesome. nothing is spur of the moment any more.

thinking about a tugboat on my left arm. probably won't get it for another year.

also, brought clothes to 2nd mile. books to last word to be sold. got rid of trash. did dishes. went to jill's class. i feel like i did so much! and the day is no one near being over.

Friday, June 19, 2009

99% practice....

99% practice, 1% theory. it's not just about practicing. it's about doing it correctly. breath, energy, focus. sounds good to me. i feel like i've been a little off the astanga bandwagon lately. 

got some nice adjustments from jill-ji today. i always love her led primary's on friday. i will truly miss her when she is off to RI! 

i always blog in my head when i am wandering the streets or waiting at the bus stop, but when i actually get to the computer, poof it's gone! magical.

so i guess this is all for now.

too many thoughts for my own good. need to stay in the brain until the words form.. maybe?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

crazy. sexy. cool.

crazy: a lady, who was obviously out of her mind, comes up to me at the bus stop on 19th and chestnut and asks me why my face is oily? she points out that i have acne and proceeds to tell me that it's caused by bacteria... all the while she was talking about acne, she was also asking for money. i gave her a dollar hoping she'd go away and stop talking about my acne (i think due to rubbing my face on a dirty yoga mat) face. 

sexy: my hair cut. well, it's just a trim. but i like it.

cool: anthony, cuts hair at american mortals, cuts my hair, and he knew that my lighthouse was the bodie island lighthouse. he's cool! that's awesome. no one has ever known that straight up before.

that's all. crazy, sexy, cool. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a riddle...

There was once a recluse who never left his home. The only time anyone ever visited him was when his food and supplies were delivered, but they never came inside. Then, one storm winter night when an icy gale was blowing, he had a nervous breakdown. He went upstairs, turned off all the lights and went to bed. Next morning, he had caused the deaths of several hundred people. How?

(the other day at acro we were trying to remember what this riddle was... well i found it on a google search.) 

do you know the answer???

Monday, June 8, 2009

thoughts on sleep.

i sleep better when i practice daily. i have better practice's when i sleep more.

is this the cycle?

adam says: if wholesomeness brings happiness then better wholesome living outside of practice makes better practice then happier.so to gauge of what brings happiness is to do what brings forth better practice and to find out if this is true is to see if it is true and try.

is this the cycle? this is the cycle. the cycle is this.

i'm making sleep a priority. so that practice is better. so that life is better. so that practice is better. so that sleep is better. so that life is better.

(no more tattoos for the summer. sleep a priority. eating well a priority. live well. be well. breathe well. i'm feeling really hippy-dippy. night)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bodie's Island.


this is the lighthouse that i based mine on. i like the history behind it. all the dead bodies. ha!

i'm a creepo.

that is all. check out the article.

i'm so boring. it hurts.

check out my new earrings..
i got them on the street at a craft "fair" outside of satellite. only $6.
all my favorite heart earrings have fallen apart, so now i'm going for some dangles. i love birds.


Friday, June 5, 2009

oh sailor. why'd you do it. what'd you do that for.

i never thought i'd be able to capture him in mid-yawn. but i did! i love it! i love looking inside his mouth. it's insanely rad.
the newest tat. i drew this up while living in huntington beach last year and finally! wallah! it's here. i love it. so much. i feel really connected to this piece. it's probably the only tattoo at this point that has any kind of major meaning to me. so there. people always ask. what does that tattoo mean. like why the hell would pigeons on my chest mean anything? do the sparrows that fly across your boyfriend's chest mean anything? probably not! so there. i'm raging! hahahaha. anyway, maybe if you're a close friend you'll know about my lighthouse. but for now. you can just enjoy my newest creation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

acro yoga!

i went to acro yoga at dhyana west philly tonight. it was only me, jadee and ezgi, very intimate. our teacher: jean-jaques. i had an awesome time! i haven't really done much acro yoga, but i think i'm gonna dive right into the acro community here. i'll be taking justicia's class on sunday (probably!) and wednesday nights with jean-jaques (as long as it's in the cards. ya know?) dhyana's west philly space is huge! i'm glad it's so close because night time traveling for classes is never fun at night for me. i get paranoid on the subway sometimes. (at night..) anyway!

tom was at the front desk today at dhyana. he took a sunday mysore with me one time @ y2. i hope he comes back sometime! it's nice to have some buds that are willing to try the mysore style of ashtanga. it's not an easy practice and definitely scary the first few times. but i love it. it's all i want to do, except acro yoga and the occasional jill manning vinyasa class! woot woot.

well, this is all. i am that. so hum.

(first friday at dhyana old city this friday?? maybe....)