Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bodie's Island.

this is the lighthouse that i based mine on. i like the history behind it. all the dead bodies. ha!

i'm a creepo.

that is all. check out the article.


Anonymous said...

You did not post about acro from last night, so I am writing this here.

I am daring you (hoping that Justicia does not read your blog) to sing (very loudly) at least one stanza from "I believe I can fly" next time you are flying in class. If you do so I will give you a dollar and some of Lily's chocolate cake (assuming she brings any). I have wanted to do this for quite some time, but I believe I stress Justicia out enough when I am basing people and flubbing my handstands, and I don't want to cause any more trouble.

And on tattoos: Michael J. Fox said that his tattoo was that he didn't have any tattoos. I think that is a copout because I say the same thing and what I really mean when I say it is that I have such a hard time breaking out of the t-shirt/polo shirt and jeans lifestyle that I can't be trusted with putting anything permanent on my body, except of course if there is the t-shirt/polo shirt and jeans equivalent of a tattoo, which I believe there is now that I think about (it's that spider-like thing you see some guys get around their arm). But in all seriousness, I may get an OM symbol someday, because as boring as that is it's the only thing that I am at least pretty sure is forever with me.

The lighthouse is very cool, BTW.


Amanda said...

i will definitely sing "i believe i can fly." hope you're there to witness it.

"do your practice, all is coming" -pattabhi jois.

glad you came in on sunday.

Tom Magee said...

I will try to be there for sure!

And I had no idea that I had a blogger account! Maybe I should start one too.