Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a riddle...

There was once a recluse who never left his home. The only time anyone ever visited him was when his food and supplies were delivered, but they never came inside. Then, one storm winter night when an icy gale was blowing, he had a nervous breakdown. He went upstairs, turned off all the lights and went to bed. Next morning, he had caused the deaths of several hundred people. How?

(the other day at acro we were trying to remember what this riddle was... well i found it on a google search.) 

do you know the answer???


Anonymous said...

he lived in an operated a lighthouse.

Tom Magee said...

Anonymous, you ruin everything.

Here is a good logic puzzle:


It is a REAL brain-teaser, and while I did figure it eventually, it took me a few days. See if you can solve it before our next acro.

I am not working that night, so I can be just a customer! I am looking forward to cake and singing!