Friday, June 5, 2009

oh sailor. why'd you do it. what'd you do that for.

i never thought i'd be able to capture him in mid-yawn. but i did! i love it! i love looking inside his mouth. it's insanely rad.
the newest tat. i drew this up while living in huntington beach last year and finally! wallah! it's here. i love it. so much. i feel really connected to this piece. it's probably the only tattoo at this point that has any kind of major meaning to me. so there. people always ask. what does that tattoo mean. like why the hell would pigeons on my chest mean anything? do the sparrows that fly across your boyfriend's chest mean anything? probably not! so there. i'm raging! hahahaha. anyway, maybe if you're a close friend you'll know about my lighthouse. but for now. you can just enjoy my newest creation.

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brian7 said...

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