Friday, June 19, 2009

99% practice....

99% practice, 1% theory. it's not just about practicing. it's about doing it correctly. breath, energy, focus. sounds good to me. i feel like i've been a little off the astanga bandwagon lately. 

got some nice adjustments from jill-ji today. i always love her led primary's on friday. i will truly miss her when she is off to RI! 

i always blog in my head when i am wandering the streets or waiting at the bus stop, but when i actually get to the computer, poof it's gone! magical.

so i guess this is all for now.

too many thoughts for my own good. need to stay in the brain until the words form.. maybe?

1 comment:

Valser said...

That's why you need twitter, lady! from your brain, to your phone, right on twitter.