Wednesday, August 27, 2008

bikes and chocolate.

This morning while walking Sage I heard a crumple. It sounded like a tin can being crushed by an eleven-old at summer camp on a Saturday, but in reality it was a dude on a bike being hit by a car. Or a car being hit by a dude on a bike. I didn't see it, just heard it. It made me want to run over and say, "hey dude on a bike that got hit by a car or vice-versa, are you ok?" He was fine. Stood up and asked the car dudes if they were ok and then went on his merry little way. Philly is notorious for bike-car aggression. People on bikes yell at people in cars and will hit people's cars with their hands while passing by. People in cars yell at people on bikes and hit them maybe by accident, but sometimes on purpose. This makes me fear riding a bike. Luckily, I don't even have a bike to ride. Asher just landed a job as a bicycle delivery dude and I'm pretty sure he has to wear a helmet, which makes me happy because if he lost his brains, I don't know if we could be lovers anymore. :)  ha. Not funny, but whatever. 

So, I was in Washington Square Park with my charge and we watched mother's work out with babies and homeless men sleep comfortably on benches. (The homeless dudes actually made me slightly envious, they get to hang out all day and just chill in the park! They also get a ton of free leftovers and can people watch for days on end.) I've been watching the dog walking folk lately. Trying to figure out who is a dog owner versus who is a paid dog walker. I can sometimes tell who is a dog walker by what they are wearing. Normally, they have a bunch of keys hanging from their pants and they wear their ipod like a cop wears a gun. Saw a cute girl twice today, walking two different dogs. I knew she was a dog walker before I saw her with the second dog due to her ipod/key apparel.

Chocolate: Been craving it. I come home every day wanting it. Been resisting it. Last night Asher and I got hot fudge sundaes from the 24 hour McDonald's on 40th and Walnut. Still didn't satisfy the chocolate cravings. Wanted chocolate today. Almost bought some, but instead got tea and fruit leather. It's hard to resist. I think I might cave one day... Ah!

Monday, August 25, 2008


This is the first summer that I forgot about her death. I think it's because I wasn't at camp. I was distracted with babies in Baltimore. Weird. Miss you CMJ. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is my dog Sage. She's sweaty and hot from our walk to the Green Line.  I love her. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fake Egg McMuffins.

These are Tramontina pots and pans.  They are non-stick, PTFE free! We bought them last night from Wallie's for $80, an investment.  Never buying pots and pans again. It came with a 'Free bamboo cutting board, bamboo utensils and a bamboo handled knife.'

We used our new pan tonight to make fake egg mcmuffins. We used real egg, low-fat cheese and fake canadian bacon.  Instead of english muffin, we used whole wheat toast.  Tonight was also our first time using our stove top.  We had a gas leak for a few days and finally got it fixed.. oiy. I love our place and I love being less than a block from the Fresh Grocer.  The Fresh Grocer has decent prices, is open 24 hours and has seriously almost anything you need including printer paper!! Work starts on Monday. I bought a new watch and some new three-quarter length shirts so I can cover my tats for the first few weeks of working. I'm always nervous for the first day of work. Asher says that I'm always nervous, but I always am fine the next day and excited to work. Well, time to go research local movie rental places. Night folks.


The table, folded down. Sits next to Asher's desk while not in use.  In the background, the living room with my dog licking her paws and the entrance to our bedroom, which leads to kitchen. 
The chairs we sit on while eating live next to our multi-functional bookshelf. It not only holds books, but also dvds, and other random things that don't have anywhere else to go. 

APT Continued...

Table to Eat on. My favorite part of the apt.    


Asher, not praying, but eating our favorite bagel from South Street Bagels. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008


      Pink and green bathroom. Claw foot tub. 
     Our ex-fireplace mantel, decorated in Judaica.
Bedroom, with entrance to kitchen. A sleeping pig. 
Double-dead bolt, protection??


I'm officially signed up for the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Dhyana yoga in Philly. Sweet deal! Starts at the end of September. I'm excited!!

Living in color.

This is my living room. Both sofa's fold out into beds for guests! So, come soon and visit! Sage is finally starting to like the place. She got a bath last night in our clawfoot tub. More photos soon! 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lost Boy. Our Dying Bat.

Boyfriend rescued an injured bat last night while taking care of free-range bunnies and a cat. We brought it home in a box. It couldn't fly but it really wanted to get out of the box, so on the way home we brought it to a tree and it climbed out.  Lost boy, (the bat), climbed all the way up the tree, broken wing and all, taking breaks along the way to rest.  He made it to a part of the tree that was cut off and there he rests. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The move of a lifetime.

On Friday night, I drove the tetris packed van up to Philly and Asher and I unloaded it real fast. We live on the first floor, in the front of the building which makes moving and unloading things from cars really easy. We then proceeded to drive back to Baltimore at 11pm, stopping only for vitamin waters and hamburgers. 

Cut to Saturday morning... Probably around 10:30am we started to load up the van. This time we had to fit a bed in the van.  Needless to say, we got our full sized tempurpedic bed into a soccer mom sized van. We wheel barreled it up the hill from the basement back door. Everything else went under or over the bed.  Couldn't see out the windows, but it didn't matter because we were moving to Philly!! We also loaded up the Honda with a little bit of stuff... My parent's brought up Sage and my car on Sunday and took the van home. Anyway, we got stuck in a little bit of traffic but after the Delaware Memorial Bridge the ride was smooth and quick.  Again, unloading the van was easy. After we unpacked the van, we went to ikea to buy some furniture. We didn't get back to the apartment until 10pm.  We stayed up til 3am building a bed frame, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the bathroom. 

Sunday: Parent's came up around noon. We had lunch at Marathon Grille on 40th and Walnut. Delicious! Traded vehicles. Continued to unpack and build things. Ended up back at Ikea and Walmart for various items. 

All in all, the move was painless except for a few bruises and scrapes. We're still trying to build a crappy bookshelf from Ikea, which we're returning tomorrow for a better one.  Maintenance man is coming today to scrape rust off the bathroom wall and repaint it. I will post some photos once we are totally finished unpacking.

Love to love you baby. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Van Tetris.

The van is out front and ready to go... I'm standing here outside your door...

I decided to pack the van tonight so that I can enjoy Shabbos dinner with the fam before heading up to Philly to unload tomorrow.  I totally went tetris crazy in the van.  I packed the shit out of it. I did it solo and I felt really hardcore. I also got to pet a frog and a slug. (Oh the creatures in the county... Here I come city life)

I was going to write an awesome blog but maybe that will happen tomorrow... Right now, i'm beat tired and need to go to bed. Last day of work with lil' P tomorrow. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Deluxe. Dhyana.

Yesterday, D/A/ and I went into Center City to check out a hair salon called Deluxe.  It was so adorable. Deluxe is owned by Mary, Maria, Matt and Kyra. It's retro-chic,  has exposed brick, very simple yet completely divine.  Mary gave both me and D new styles.  It was my first hair cut since November 1, 2007... damn! No more mullet. Deluxe is on South Street and 21st, next to Bicycle Therapy.  If you go to their webpage and print out their coupon, you get $10 off your first hair cut.  A basic cut is $45 which is a great price! 

Today, I went to Dhyana Yoga in Rittenhouse Square on Walnut and 16th. The studio a decent size and very comforting.  Dhyana, the owner, led this morning's Vinyasa All Levels class. It was very fun and Ashtanga-based, which for me was awesome.  I've decided to do Dhyana's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that starts in September. More to come on that later. 

The move to Philly happens in less than a week now. I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rat art.

Saw this in West Philly. Sent a copy to Jp in Texas. Thought she'd like it. I need to a get a digital camera. This was taken with my cell...

Monday, August 4, 2008

August 15th.

I'm moving to Philly on August 15th with Asher and Sage. We will be living in University City aka West Philly. I landed a nanny job with a 7 month old boy in Washington Square aka Center City. That's all until Philly. Here we come!!