Monday, October 26, 2009

where the wild things are...

makes me want to crawl into a nook or something small and daydream all day.

i want to build a fort around my bed.


i went to yoga squared yesterday for the first time in two weeks. wow. good energy. good peeps. new teacher, who i love, noah. he rocks. i'm excited to see him there for a bit.

i'm so insanely sore from practice yesterday. my practice was great though, but my arms and a little part of my neck are sore. at least it's not my legs this time.

most of my practices are at wakeup these days. been crazy busy, but teacher training is rad and i'm learning a lot.

those moments where we get to teach are just little sips of what's to come. i'm making some amazing friends. and just got my mentor, which is micki! yay~

all for now. gotta go write a paper. (and clean mouse poo out of my apartment.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

an update on my life.

super busy it seems. lots of yoga. lots of response papers. lots of practice. work work work. etc etc etc.

recently saw "whip it," which was so cute and i love ellen page and all the other ladies in the film were just awesome to watch, especially when they were skating.

trying to go see where the wild things are, ASAP!

went to southhampton spa with adam and some other folks on saturday night. wild experience. definitely fun. ate fish jerkey and pickled grapes. weird, fun, goofy, steamy.

i also recently went to a wake/funeral for my old nanny/house keeper, daisy. she passed away last week after battling lots of things, and my family and i got to say goodbye to her on friday at the wake. it was super intense. never been to a wake before. i got to hear some amazing gospel. and we got to see daisy's family, which ended up being really nice.

nothing else to report. just trying to get some practicing in. maybe now. maybe later.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

pendle hill.

we had teacher training this weekend at pendle hill for our retreat. it was so intense. so fun. we laughed. cried. told stories. bonded. learned. taught.

we each had two opportunities to teach. on saturday, i taught how to be in tadasana and transition to urdhva hastasana. we had to include benefits and alignments. i rocked the house! (at least i think so.) today, everyone got to teach one half of a lunging surya namaskara. i'm so glad that i practiced this a bunch on my own and a little with some of my fellow TT mates. i had so much fun teaching this. i really felt like this is it. i want to do this. i want to teach yoga. it was super empowering. i can't even believe how much i learned this weekend.

this morning, while using my neti pot, i had taken out my septum piercing and decided that during our early morning pranayama practice, i would leave it out. during nadi shodhana, i had this realization that i didn't want my septum ring anymore. i finally really connected with my breath and it was so amazing. i just had this moment where i thought, you're not putting that metal back in your nose. so i didn't. i feel free.

i enjoyed learning dinacharya (daily rituals). we all started using our dry brushes and oils this weekend before showering. it feels delightful! i only neti pot when i need to, as i don't want to overdo it. but i did neti pot today because i've been having bad allergies in the morning.

i'm soooo tired. i have so much to do already again. have to write a paper for wednesday and start really reading all the books that are in store for the rest of this program.

ok. goodnight folks.

Friday, October 9, 2009

nothing new to say.

just been busy. not much going on here. the weather is lovely today. i took myself out for breakfast at honey's. i'm working for a few hours then going on TT retreat. i'm excited to immerse myself in this training. i did my class observation of victoria's class last night. it was awesome to watch her in action. i took 4 pages of notes. again, nothing new to say.

see you sunday.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

weekend review.

this weekend was fun filled to the max.

friday night: dinner with adam at le virtu for his bday. lots of laughs, lots of pasta, good times had by all. i came home and had the apartment to myself. it was freaky at first, but i loved it. it was quiet beyond belief. wild. i listened to the rain as i fell asleep in my big comfy bed.

saturday: yoga asana practice with micki at wakeup fairmount. i biked there. from there, i went to mugshots and journal-ed. then biked to yoga squared, went shopping at anthropologie, got 2 sale dresses, then went to heather marie's ball rolling workshop. it was wild. good people. lots of weird noises. lots of body open-ness. then i went to rittenhouse and did some slack-lining and acro yoga with 2 girls from TT and another girl we know. funnnnn. then biked home.... hung out and studied for TT and finished my take home test. (7.5 miles on bike)

sunday: yoga asana practice with patrick at wakeup south. i biked there. from there, i went to B2 and journal-ed. then biked to yoga squared and cleaned the studio. then i biked home, walked my pig, and made dinner with sara b. (10 miles on bike)

i think i'm actually exhausted. i'm so excited for bed and it's only 8pm. i loved having the apartment to myself. it was seriously thrilling. that's all for now. TT retreat next weekend, soooo excited to get away. no internet, no phone. just yoga yoga yoga.

Friday, October 2, 2009

adam k, guest blogger: recipe for "vege thingy."

Vege thingy
basic idea is ratatutioe with a little

zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red pepper(yes you can use canned bottled etc), onion
colors, green, yellow, red, and who does not love the onion
tomato sauce...jarred like classico due to no corn syrup(worstest food piece ever invented)
best mixed up with a bit of pesto, love the pesto, just love it love it love it the fresher the better, store bought fine.
oil du olive what not used spread on flesh of loved one and self....wrestle

chop veges 1/8 inch thickly, just barely cook zucc, squash, onion
do each type separately in large vat of hot water with some salt in it
cool down veges so not over cook...trick sheet pan place in freezer or in ice bath(like have fever like in house md episode) take out of ice bath very very quick go soggy.

pan with sides about 1-2'' tall coat with oil du olive and those Italian spices
coat loved one and self with rest of oil du olive....wrestle
an hour later....................
Whew ! that was fun and now back to cooking

layer on veges in nice pattern with also interspersed with tomato sauce and the fruit of Olympiad Parmesan Cheese like in the green shake container
I think of this cheese and cry.
one moment please
get all set don't forget to sprinkle about in the interspersed with Italian spices and salt und pepper
top with a bit of extra parmesan cheese

bake it do not shake it for it may fall
at like 375 till done

yes I know what you say... what is done
till all hot all the way about and in, use tooth pick at thickest part
feel if all hot and steamy and ready for action
take my guess about 20-35 minutes
and then

Give it up

Thursday, October 1, 2009

weekend update.

i have the apartment to myself this weekend. just me, huck and pig. should be nice and quiet and contemplative.

things i have lined up:

friday: dinner with adam in south philly!

saturday: 10-11:40am: micki's class @ wakeup fairmount. 2-4pm: heather marie's yamuna ball rolling workshop @ yoga squared. (night time plans are open, but i might go see whip it!)

sunday: 10-11:40am: biz's class @ wakeup fairmount.

when i'm home, i plan on reading the anatomy of the spirit. i plan on working on and finishing my take home final. i plan on watching the movie australia. i plan on drinking tea and sleeping and taking the pig on extra long walks. i'm excited for my weekend of me.

out and about.

i have visitors in town. chelsea, iris, zach. chels was catching up with an old friend, so iris, zach and i went around rittenhouse and had sushi, on our walk up and down chestnut we came across this pretty pink bike with this "i <3 your bike" note on it. so cute! i've decided i'm glad i have an undesirable bike. no one wants to steal it. yay! i'll probably never get a cute card like this on my bike, but i'm totally ok with that!