Monday, October 19, 2009

an update on my life.

super busy it seems. lots of yoga. lots of response papers. lots of practice. work work work. etc etc etc.

recently saw "whip it," which was so cute and i love ellen page and all the other ladies in the film were just awesome to watch, especially when they were skating.

trying to go see where the wild things are, ASAP!

went to southhampton spa with adam and some other folks on saturday night. wild experience. definitely fun. ate fish jerkey and pickled grapes. weird, fun, goofy, steamy.

i also recently went to a wake/funeral for my old nanny/house keeper, daisy. she passed away last week after battling lots of things, and my family and i got to say goodbye to her on friday at the wake. it was super intense. never been to a wake before. i got to hear some amazing gospel. and we got to see daisy's family, which ended up being really nice.

nothing else to report. just trying to get some practicing in. maybe now. maybe later.

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Diana said...

I love Southhampton Spa. What a cool place. The pickled grapes were deceiving they were so gross. I had to spit it out! Hope TT is going well.