Sunday, October 4, 2009

weekend review.

this weekend was fun filled to the max.

friday night: dinner with adam at le virtu for his bday. lots of laughs, lots of pasta, good times had by all. i came home and had the apartment to myself. it was freaky at first, but i loved it. it was quiet beyond belief. wild. i listened to the rain as i fell asleep in my big comfy bed.

saturday: yoga asana practice with micki at wakeup fairmount. i biked there. from there, i went to mugshots and journal-ed. then biked to yoga squared, went shopping at anthropologie, got 2 sale dresses, then went to heather marie's ball rolling workshop. it was wild. good people. lots of weird noises. lots of body open-ness. then i went to rittenhouse and did some slack-lining and acro yoga with 2 girls from TT and another girl we know. funnnnn. then biked home.... hung out and studied for TT and finished my take home test. (7.5 miles on bike)

sunday: yoga asana practice with patrick at wakeup south. i biked there. from there, i went to B2 and journal-ed. then biked to yoga squared and cleaned the studio. then i biked home, walked my pig, and made dinner with sara b. (10 miles on bike)

i think i'm actually exhausted. i'm so excited for bed and it's only 8pm. i loved having the apartment to myself. it was seriously thrilling. that's all for now. TT retreat next weekend, soooo excited to get away. no internet, no phone. just yoga yoga yoga.

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