Sunday, October 11, 2009

pendle hill.

we had teacher training this weekend at pendle hill for our retreat. it was so intense. so fun. we laughed. cried. told stories. bonded. learned. taught.

we each had two opportunities to teach. on saturday, i taught how to be in tadasana and transition to urdhva hastasana. we had to include benefits and alignments. i rocked the house! (at least i think so.) today, everyone got to teach one half of a lunging surya namaskara. i'm so glad that i practiced this a bunch on my own and a little with some of my fellow TT mates. i had so much fun teaching this. i really felt like this is it. i want to do this. i want to teach yoga. it was super empowering. i can't even believe how much i learned this weekend.

this morning, while using my neti pot, i had taken out my septum piercing and decided that during our early morning pranayama practice, i would leave it out. during nadi shodhana, i had this realization that i didn't want my septum ring anymore. i finally really connected with my breath and it was so amazing. i just had this moment where i thought, you're not putting that metal back in your nose. so i didn't. i feel free.

i enjoyed learning dinacharya (daily rituals). we all started using our dry brushes and oils this weekend before showering. it feels delightful! i only neti pot when i need to, as i don't want to overdo it. but i did neti pot today because i've been having bad allergies in the morning.

i'm soooo tired. i have so much to do already again. have to write a paper for wednesday and start really reading all the books that are in store for the rest of this program.

ok. goodnight folks.

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