Friday, October 2, 2009

adam k, guest blogger: recipe for "vege thingy."

Vege thingy
basic idea is ratatutioe with a little

zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red pepper(yes you can use canned bottled etc), onion
colors, green, yellow, red, and who does not love the onion
tomato sauce...jarred like classico due to no corn syrup(worstest food piece ever invented)
best mixed up with a bit of pesto, love the pesto, just love it love it love it the fresher the better, store bought fine.
oil du olive what not used spread on flesh of loved one and self....wrestle

chop veges 1/8 inch thickly, just barely cook zucc, squash, onion
do each type separately in large vat of hot water with some salt in it
cool down veges so not over cook...trick sheet pan place in freezer or in ice bath(like have fever like in house md episode) take out of ice bath very very quick go soggy.

pan with sides about 1-2'' tall coat with oil du olive and those Italian spices
coat loved one and self with rest of oil du olive....wrestle
an hour later....................
Whew ! that was fun and now back to cooking

layer on veges in nice pattern with also interspersed with tomato sauce and the fruit of Olympiad Parmesan Cheese like in the green shake container
I think of this cheese and cry.
one moment please
get all set don't forget to sprinkle about in the interspersed with Italian spices and salt und pepper
top with a bit of extra parmesan cheese

bake it do not shake it for it may fall
at like 375 till done

yes I know what you say... what is done
till all hot all the way about and in, use tooth pick at thickest part
feel if all hot and steamy and ready for action
take my guess about 20-35 minutes
and then

Give it up

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