Monday, October 26, 2009

where the wild things are...

makes me want to crawl into a nook or something small and daydream all day.

i want to build a fort around my bed.


i went to yoga squared yesterday for the first time in two weeks. wow. good energy. good peeps. new teacher, who i love, noah. he rocks. i'm excited to see him there for a bit.

i'm so insanely sore from practice yesterday. my practice was great though, but my arms and a little part of my neck are sore. at least it's not my legs this time.

most of my practices are at wakeup these days. been crazy busy, but teacher training is rad and i'm learning a lot.

those moments where we get to teach are just little sips of what's to come. i'm making some amazing friends. and just got my mentor, which is micki! yay~

all for now. gotta go write a paper. (and clean mouse poo out of my apartment.)

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Tina said...

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