Monday, November 2, 2009

lots of stuff happening.

ok here's a roster of events coming up:

jill manning: led primary @ yoga squared on nov. 7th, 10am.
jill manning: foundations first workshop on nov. 7th (1-5pm) and 8th (12-4pm) @ yoga squared, ($90 for weekend, or 50/day) or for details...

david keil is having a special led primary class @ yoga squared on nov. 14th, 9am.
david keil is also doing a week of mysore (nov 9th to 13th) @ yoga squared, i think most spots are filled but there might be a few openings for the 11am group. call yoga squared for details!


so i'll be submerging myself in ashtanga love this upcoming week. can't wait.

i had this insane eye migraine yesterday after practice. my vision went wackadoodle. i was seeing spots and swirls. then i vomited, while driving my car home, luckily i had a bag in my lap just in case.. ( i was feeling super nauseous). i spent the rest of my birthday on the sofa. horrible!

so tonight, i am doing a re-do of my birthday. morgan, asher and i are going to bar ferdinand on my bosses bday tab/present for me. and then we will see saw 6. will be loads of fun.

the end. infinite love.


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