Monday, November 9, 2009

this time last year..

i'm feeling nostalgic. david keil is in town. i just finished his weekend of yoganatomy for TT. it was informative and fun.

anyway. david was here last year around the same time. i had just started practicing mysore stylie in october of 2008 (was doing led primary for a while before that). i'm feeling so lucky to have found such an incredible ashtanga community through yoga squared (as well as an amazing community at wakeup yoga). last year during my first week with david, i was only practicing up to navasana. he was the first teacher to "officially give" me a pose, bhujapidasana. he took me up to supta kurmasana before he left.. and now a year later, i've got primary under my belt (for the most part.. there are a few poses towards the end that i'm still really working on.. well now that i think about it, i'm always working on all the asanas... it's constantly changing and growing and that's all part of it). david garrigues started me on 2nd recently which is another boat entirely... a boat in which i feel is insanely rocky.

today is day one of david keil mysore and it was a blast. he adjusted me in supta kurmasana and had me go into handstand from it. i'm pretty sure it's a teaching tool to show me what it feels like to lift out of the pose and jump back. it was neato. but i'm no where close to doing anything like that on my own.

i stood up from a drop back, sloppily, yesterday during mysore with noah w. i understand the quality of dropping back and standing up. still working on it though..

anyway, again. nostalgia is making me feel warm and fuzzy.

i'm also watching slumdog millionaire on tv right now, which came out around thanksgiving last year and i saw it with asher on thanksgiving day. this movie makes me cry. but i love it none-the-less.


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