Saturday, November 14, 2009

meet pixel.

this is the new pup. his name is pixel. we also call him precious. he's the sweetest pup i've ever met. sage and him get along well. he's already pretty much housebroken. he goes to the litter box almost 100% of the time.


david keil was in town and it was an amazing week for me. 6 practices straight (1 w/ noah, 5 w/ david). it's a lot, i'm not used to doing mysore every day...(because of TT), but it was amazing to reconnect with the practice. i fell in love with ashtanga all over again. i took a mini-break from wakeup to practice at yogasquared. i miss wakeup though and am looking forward to practicing there soon. maybe corina's vinyasa on monday and then definitely yin at 730 with adam and maybe caitlin.



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