Thursday, October 1, 2009

weekend update.

i have the apartment to myself this weekend. just me, huck and pig. should be nice and quiet and contemplative.

things i have lined up:

friday: dinner with adam in south philly!

saturday: 10-11:40am: micki's class @ wakeup fairmount. 2-4pm: heather marie's yamuna ball rolling workshop @ yoga squared. (night time plans are open, but i might go see whip it!)

sunday: 10-11:40am: biz's class @ wakeup fairmount.

when i'm home, i plan on reading the anatomy of the spirit. i plan on working on and finishing my take home final. i plan on watching the movie australia. i plan on drinking tea and sleeping and taking the pig on extra long walks. i'm excited for my weekend of me.

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