Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The move of a lifetime.

On Friday night, I drove the tetris packed van up to Philly and Asher and I unloaded it real fast. We live on the first floor, in the front of the building which makes moving and unloading things from cars really easy. We then proceeded to drive back to Baltimore at 11pm, stopping only for vitamin waters and hamburgers. 

Cut to Saturday morning... Probably around 10:30am we started to load up the van. This time we had to fit a bed in the van.  Needless to say, we got our full sized tempurpedic bed into a soccer mom sized van. We wheel barreled it up the hill from the basement back door. Everything else went under or over the bed.  Couldn't see out the windows, but it didn't matter because we were moving to Philly!! We also loaded up the Honda with a little bit of stuff... My parent's brought up Sage and my car on Sunday and took the van home. Anyway, we got stuck in a little bit of traffic but after the Delaware Memorial Bridge the ride was smooth and quick.  Again, unloading the van was easy. After we unpacked the van, we went to ikea to buy some furniture. We didn't get back to the apartment until 10pm.  We stayed up til 3am building a bed frame, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the bathroom. 

Sunday: Parent's came up around noon. We had lunch at Marathon Grille on 40th and Walnut. Delicious! Traded vehicles. Continued to unpack and build things. Ended up back at Ikea and Walmart for various items. 

All in all, the move was painless except for a few bruises and scrapes. We're still trying to build a crappy bookshelf from Ikea, which we're returning tomorrow for a better one.  Maintenance man is coming today to scrape rust off the bathroom wall and repaint it. I will post some photos once we are totally finished unpacking.

Love to love you baby. 

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k. said...

so glad it went snoothly. can't wait for photos. xo! k.