Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fake Egg McMuffins.

These are Tramontina pots and pans.  They are non-stick, PTFE free! We bought them last night from Wallie's for $80, an investment.  Never buying pots and pans again. It came with a 'Free bamboo cutting board, bamboo utensils and a bamboo handled knife.'

We used our new pan tonight to make fake egg mcmuffins. We used real egg, low-fat cheese and fake canadian bacon.  Instead of english muffin, we used whole wheat toast.  Tonight was also our first time using our stove top.  We had a gas leak for a few days and finally got it fixed.. oiy. I love our place and I love being less than a block from the Fresh Grocer.  The Fresh Grocer has decent prices, is open 24 hours and has seriously almost anything you need including printer paper!! Work starts on Monday. I bought a new watch and some new three-quarter length shirts so I can cover my tats for the first few weeks of working. I'm always nervous for the first day of work. Asher says that I'm always nervous, but I always am fine the next day and excited to work. Well, time to go research local movie rental places. Night folks.

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