Wednesday, August 27, 2008

bikes and chocolate.

This morning while walking Sage I heard a crumple. It sounded like a tin can being crushed by an eleven-old at summer camp on a Saturday, but in reality it was a dude on a bike being hit by a car. Or a car being hit by a dude on a bike. I didn't see it, just heard it. It made me want to run over and say, "hey dude on a bike that got hit by a car or vice-versa, are you ok?" He was fine. Stood up and asked the car dudes if they were ok and then went on his merry little way. Philly is notorious for bike-car aggression. People on bikes yell at people in cars and will hit people's cars with their hands while passing by. People in cars yell at people on bikes and hit them maybe by accident, but sometimes on purpose. This makes me fear riding a bike. Luckily, I don't even have a bike to ride. Asher just landed a job as a bicycle delivery dude and I'm pretty sure he has to wear a helmet, which makes me happy because if he lost his brains, I don't know if we could be lovers anymore. :)  ha. Not funny, but whatever. 

So, I was in Washington Square Park with my charge and we watched mother's work out with babies and homeless men sleep comfortably on benches. (The homeless dudes actually made me slightly envious, they get to hang out all day and just chill in the park! They also get a ton of free leftovers and can people watch for days on end.) I've been watching the dog walking folk lately. Trying to figure out who is a dog owner versus who is a paid dog walker. I can sometimes tell who is a dog walker by what they are wearing. Normally, they have a bunch of keys hanging from their pants and they wear their ipod like a cop wears a gun. Saw a cute girl twice today, walking two different dogs. I knew she was a dog walker before I saw her with the second dog due to her ipod/key apparel.

Chocolate: Been craving it. I come home every day wanting it. Been resisting it. Last night Asher and I got hot fudge sundaes from the 24 hour McDonald's on 40th and Walnut. Still didn't satisfy the chocolate cravings. Wanted chocolate today. Almost bought some, but instead got tea and fruit leather. It's hard to resist. I think I might cave one day... Ah!

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