Wednesday, June 3, 2009

acro yoga!

i went to acro yoga at dhyana west philly tonight. it was only me, jadee and ezgi, very intimate. our teacher: jean-jaques. i had an awesome time! i haven't really done much acro yoga, but i think i'm gonna dive right into the acro community here. i'll be taking justicia's class on sunday (probably!) and wednesday nights with jean-jaques (as long as it's in the cards. ya know?) dhyana's west philly space is huge! i'm glad it's so close because night time traveling for classes is never fun at night for me. i get paranoid on the subway sometimes. (at night..) anyway!

tom was at the front desk today at dhyana. he took a sunday mysore with me one time @ y2. i hope he comes back sometime! it's nice to have some buds that are willing to try the mysore style of ashtanga. it's not an easy practice and definitely scary the first few times. but i love it. it's all i want to do, except acro yoga and the occasional jill manning vinyasa class! woot woot.

well, this is all. i am that. so hum.

(first friday at dhyana old city this friday?? maybe....)

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Anonymous said...

You make me want to get back into acro, too. It's been a while since I have made a class, but the community that is forming around it is awesome and so are the teachers. I will have to fly you sometime.

Remember first Friday at Dhyana! It's from 5-9 and I will be there the whole time. Jadee will be coming in the last few hours I think.

It was nice to see you last night, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Cheers, Tom