Saturday, June 20, 2009


i keep journals. i never finish them. i keep them for years.

i found my journal from last year and probably a little from the year before. circa 2007-08?

i opened up to a page that said:

tattoo's i want: 3/19/08
pigeons on my chest!
two girls on front of right leg
lighthouse on left arm!


well since march 19th 2008, i've gotten the pigeons and the lighthouse. i don't know when i decided i want these tattoos, if it was before this date. or on this date. but it's cool to look back at old tattoos i've wanted and to know that i have them now. and to look at other entries and see tattoos i've never gotten and i'm glad i've never gotten.

it's good to sit on tattoo ideas for a while. at this point, my collection of art on my body is really awesome. nothing is spur of the moment any more.

thinking about a tugboat on my left arm. probably won't get it for another year.

also, brought clothes to 2nd mile. books to last word to be sold. got rid of trash. did dishes. went to jill's class. i feel like i did so much! and the day is no one near being over.


Tom Magee said...


You were missed last night, although class ended up being cancelled at the last minute. We all ended up going out for beers instead, which is like doing AcroYoga just different.


Amanda said...

beers sounds like fun! i hope to make it this coming sunday. was out of town the last two weeks.