Wednesday, June 17, 2009

crazy. sexy. cool.

crazy: a lady, who was obviously out of her mind, comes up to me at the bus stop on 19th and chestnut and asks me why my face is oily? she points out that i have acne and proceeds to tell me that it's caused by bacteria... all the while she was talking about acne, she was also asking for money. i gave her a dollar hoping she'd go away and stop talking about my acne (i think due to rubbing my face on a dirty yoga mat) face. 

sexy: my hair cut. well, it's just a trim. but i like it.

cool: anthony, cuts hair at american mortals, cuts my hair, and he knew that my lighthouse was the bodie island lighthouse. he's cool! that's awesome. no one has ever known that straight up before.

that's all. crazy, sexy, cool. 

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Tom Magee said...

I have a crazy story. Many, many moons ago when I was a freshman in college, I wore a Snapple jacket that my brother had given me after he stopped working for the company the year before. As I was walking down the street one day a woman saw the big Snapple logo on the back of my jacket and started screaming that I was prostituting myself. After I (quickly) passed by I could hear her continue her lament about me and today's youth (I think she may have even used the word whore, but maybe that is just my active imagination).

The funny thing is that as I sit here now eleven years later, I pretty much agree with her completely. I could still do without the yelling, though.

I met your beloved teacher today! I am going to try and take one of her classes before she makes like a tree and leaves.