Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now.

1. the best savasana ever today. it was like i was present and aware of my mind and i told myself to just stop thinking. and i went in and out "awake" moments. i felt tingly all over.

2. landed a substitute yoga teacher job at WakeUp Yoga and Sankhya Yoga!

3. air conditioning...

4. hair cut this friday with ant!

5. homemade iced tea. (i need to buy lemons and mint for this weekly creation!)

6. talking to asher via text and phone. so good to hear his voice from his bike trip.

7. my dogs and ferret. i'm like the ring leader in the circus show here.. i love them. we are having so many fun times together. (for example: last night pixel was running in circles around the apartment and huckster the ferret was chasing him. they kept running for a while. it was hilarious).

8. netflix. i plan on relaxing on my sofa with the pups all summer.

9. non-fat frozen yogurt from trader joe's. best snack ever.

10. water. to drink. water. to play in. water. to shower in. having clean, fresh water is a gift. i cherish it.

(ps. i'm slightly buzzed on beer at 5pm in the afternoon.. that's number 11. i took the night off of work tonight. going to see exit through the gift shop with my friend zack who is visiting from boston!! woot woot!)

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