Thursday, July 1, 2010

Milestones. Memories. Sleep walking through practice.

Today was the first day I could come up from Laghu Vajrasana on my own. That's the milestone. I'm documenting it here on my blog so when I read this in the future I can have a sweet memory of this day.

Sometimes, when I'm super tired in the morning.. I don't want to go to yoga, but most of the time.. I still go.

Often, through the tiredness, I feel like I'm "sleep walking" or "sleep practicing" through the practice. I often feel like I'm in a haze and practice was a dream. Sometimes, Savasana becomes a nap... a continuation of sleep from the night before. I catch myself snoring on the mat and wake up a little shocked at myself. Anyway.. The days where I'm so tired... I just practice through the tiredness and when it's over, it really feels like a dream.

I'm tired as I write this. I'll go take a nap.

I'm happy tomorrow is Friday. Primary Only. Love it. <3


Frank said...

Another milestone to mark down: first time using the term "just Primary"/"Primary only". When Primary becomes a relief rather than a burden, that's totally worthy of note. :-)

Amanda said...

truth to that. i remember when primary was super hard to complete. now it seems like an old friend that i like to visit, daily daily daily. :)

Anonymous said...

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