Thursday, July 29, 2010

little house on the prairie... aka austin, texas.

this is my new home. asher and morgan are currently there.. they are setting up shop. they installed a/c units. got our beds. built a sofa. next up, maintaining the yard.. getting rid of hornets nests. and painting.

i wish i was there. but i'm also realizing i have a month left to spend here in philly. i need to get off the green sofa and start exploring this city for the last time.

if anyone in philly wants to play, i'm around. i have a lot of free time..

end of august... austin, texas. here i come.


Liz said...

Hi Amanda!

What a CUTE house! Sounds like you're fixing it up just right. Enjoy your last month in Philly-- looking forward to seeing you around the Austin shala!

Anonymous said...

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