Monday, July 5, 2010

6 things I'm loving about practice right now....

I borrowed this idea from Christina's Blog, Prescribing Yoga.

1. I love the vinyasas between the asana's in 2nd series. It's seriously beautiful and fun. I love when you pick yourself up after Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana. It's just wild.

2. I love that I still can't do a headstand for more than 5 breaths at a time. It will come soon. I love that I keep trying and trying and trying.

3. I love that this practice is physical and mental. There are so many mental challenges... For example, I've been kind of freaking out right before drop backs recently. Totally mental. I love that my mind is challenged as much as my body is.

4. I love the quietness in the room. Just breath and some whispers. Sometimes there's a loud thud, I like that too.

5. I love the repetition. I like that everyday things feel different even though you're practicing the same thing.

6. I love that yoga has become part of my lifestyle. I told my friend's that I needed a hobby... They said, Isn't yoga a hobby? I said, No, It's my lifestyle. It truly has shaped my life.


Frank said...

Regarding #1: Love those vinyasas too! Though I sometimes make a loud thud afterwords (see #4).

Anonymous said...

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