Tuesday, November 4, 2008

25 years of contemplation.

i turned 25 on saturday. had an awesome birthday dinner at sitar with asher, quinn, lauren, katie, sara, annah, bleu and jennilee. woo woo. other highlights of the weekend: yoga class with quinn, going to the blarney stone to make my sis happy, farmer's market, buying sexy sexy sexy guess jeans and getting a new cell phone.

last week in philly, the streets bled red. the sky bled red. everything was red. everyone was hyped. the energy in the city was insane.

all has calmed down. the sky is no longer red but blue! blue for obama. the city is blue!!! i dressed in blue. i dressed j-man in blue. i thought in blue. GO OBAMA! i just voted for this amazing man! there was no line. 25 years old. obama better f-ing win! or else my late 20's might suck balls...

:) VOTE VOTE VOTE.. not that anyone reads my funny little blog.

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joy suzanne said...

Hey, happy belated! And you got your wish!!!

Here's to the 2nd half of your twenties not sucking balls.