Friday, May 8, 2009

vacation time.

i haven't been blogging. but it's ok. not much going on really.

working. yogaing. eating. sleeping. repeat.

yoga is really the only thing that keeps me going. i mean, somedays i just can't get out of bed but when i think about dropping back or working on headstand, i normally can get myself out of bed and onto the mat.

adam gave me a ride one day this weeeek (or was it two days?) i don't know, but wednesday when he gave me a ride... i was extremely grateful because i think i would've just kept on sleeping if i had to take the bus... anyway, wednesday was a very exciting day. i finally did a drop back on my own. it was very exciting!!! yay!! a whole new chapter!

i'm currently in baltimore. i'm going to the carribean on sunday with my dad on a 7day cruise. i plan on keeping little notes of fun things that happen and i will blog when i get back. i might blog again tomorrow about the hike i'm going on with my parents. we'll see if it's funny or not... if it's funny, expect a blog!!

i miss writing. ranting. complaining. joking. examining. so i think i'm back to blogging. cross yo' fingers.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog, it's a treat when I find a new post.