Friday, May 1, 2009

the bang.

i mean, come on. this is how it ends?! all that hard work and more hard work. :) i secretly love and hate this pose. i feel like it combines a lot of aspects of the whole primary series... except forward bending.... maybe it's just giving you a taste of what's to come in second.. (not that i'm any where ready or near doing 2nd.. gotta drop back on my own first.) 

well, it's friday. have to work at 8 today so i couldn't make it to jill's led primary. maybe next week. i'm going on a cruise with my dad on may 10-17th. i'm doing yoga on the deck. no joke. i'm gonna be THAT lady. :)

ps: this pose is called setu bandhasana. bridge pose?! i think not. or spinal lift pose!? that's more like it. 


Anonymous said...

I think of this pose as comedian silent film star Charlie Chaplin pose. CSFSCC pose.
- comedy = Ha! wtf is all this ashtanga. It is just nuts.
- silent is the practice
- star = practice wakes us up and makes us internal RockStars
- film = and just who are we getting this better for? to see us do this better? teachers, ourselves, other students?
- Charlie has his feet out like this when walking, Jill sometimes has said do Charlie Chaplin feet.

Calm Cool Collected Friday


Anonymous said...

by the way....
I really can Not do this pose.
I do try.