Tuesday, December 29, 2009

yoga squared, now y2.

i will miss this space. i had such an incredible journey at yoga squared and i will never ever ever forget those good times, hard times, funny times, mysore times, led times, tired times, baby times, informative times, cleaning times, grand ole times.

yoga squared is now called y2!! awesome. the space we will practice is at another local studio, renting their morning slots for mysore.

jill heads to india this week! kcdv is also making the journey in january over to mysore. i'm so jealous and happy for these incredible ladies. i would like to make that epic voyage to india to practice with sharath and travel around india.

i'm off work on thursday and friday and have so much yoga planned!

Thursday: -Renata at Wakeup in AM.
Friday: -10:30 David G. Led Primary Y2 @1611 Walnut St.
-in the PM, 2nd Series workshop.
Saturday: -2nd Series workshop in AM.
-practice teaching yoga with JN in PM.
Sunday: -Mysore in the AM.
-2nd Series workshop after.

Happy New Year's to everyone! (Anyone making resolutions? I think i'm changing some food habits again this year, not for weight-loss, but for health and political stuff. might update about that after I get it all squared away.)

ps-the pic is of jill's foundations first workshop from january '09. wow how time flies!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post
you have a rockin yoga week ahead of you
lookin forward to seeing bird at new Y2 on NwYrDay, love this picture of olde YogaSquared with Jillji
<3 <3 times infinity twice

John said...

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