Wednesday, September 1, 2010

live from austin texas.

howdy ya'll. i made it safely to austin from philly!! yay. the ferret and i traveled like bandits on the run... ha. just kidding. we drove 12 hours on day one and 15 hours on day two. we spent the night in knoxville, tennessee at a holiday inn express. it was luxurious. i took a fabulous bath and slept in a bed that was like a cloud.

i hit no traffic until i got into austin city limitis.

i ran into no cops or creeps.

i took plenty of breaks and drank a lot of soda and coffee.

i'm happy to be in my new home. pictures to come soon.


so far in austin, i've practiced asana once at ashtanga yoga center of austin. i've had an amazing smoothie at the daily juice. i've been to walmart two or three times. ikea to come later in the week. i've washed floors, cleaned the tub, done dishes, played with dogs.

i've been doing house wife stuff and haven't looked much for a job yet. i definitely will start to look later on this week. austin is HOT, but not unbearable. i really enjoy the vibe down here. people are lovely.

my best friend from college lives down here and we went to her house for a dinner party on monday. she just came by a little while ago and hung out in my air conditioned living room.

life is grand. there are lots of trees outside my window. i'm sleeping well and feeling great.


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