Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now.

My college friend, Val, has a blog called Ok in the Meantime. She writes about food and travels and life. (Very similar to This Philly Life, there are pictures and lists and stories, etc.) I recently came across some of her posts called 10 things that make me happy. So, I'm borrowing her idea..

10 things that make me happy right now:

1) My yoga practice. Even though it's most Vinyasa right now, due to teacher training, which is officially over on May 7th... I'm happy that I have yoga in my life. I have been going to Ashtanga Led Primary classes on Sunday... excited to get back to Mysore practice. Soon, soon.

2) My Hammock. I got it in the mail on Friday. It was a fabulous way to end the week. I practiced 5 days with Jill and then swayed in my new hammock. It's so easy to put up. Just have to find the right trees.

3) Waiting Tables Job. I'm soooo soooo soooo f-ing happy to be waiting tables instead of nannying. My life is infinity better. I have so much free time and I'm seriously loving life. I never knew how good life was. Nannying had been clouding my vision of reality for a very long time. I feel so free. It's been a solid month now and I know i made the best decision leaving the nanny biz.

4) My friends who send me postcards (Chelsea and Iris). I love love love getting hand written letters. We live in an age where most things are electronic. So when I get the postcards from my friends, I'm so happy. I have many saved up. I might make a book of them one day. (Ps, I need to get some stamps! just reminding myself..)

5) My bike. I love having an alternative way of getting around the city. I no longer rely on public transit or my car. I do use the car for groceries and stuff like that, but I love hopping on the bike and getting around town in the most efficient manner.

6) Coffee Addiction. I love my coffee. Right now, it's a force in my life. I'm glad it exists.

7) My pups and ferret. Not much to say, except that I love kissing them and cuddling them. They give endless love.

8) The tulip sitting on my kitchen table. I love seeing it's colors. It's yellow and reddish.

9) Finally finished with all the episodes of L-word. The show was ridiculous.. It was sometimes fun.. sometimes crazy. Asher and I got to watch it together and spend time together which was nice, but I'm honestly glad it's over. Too much L-word in too little time.

10) The park by my house. I love being able to walk the dogs there everyday. There are swings and trees and flowers and gardens. It's so beautiful. Nice to have so close by.

What are 10 things that make you happy right now? I will try and do this once a week or so.. Love to you all.


Valser said...

Yay! I find that mondays are the best days for 10 things. Helps get me out of the monday funk.

Brian said...

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