Saturday, April 3, 2010

a car full of "things"

I often like to think about the things I would take with me if I had to suddenly pack up my car and hit the road.. leaving everything else behind.

So far on my list so far:
My favorite dresses
My low-cut frye boots
My Chrome backpack
My American Apparel black zip up hoodie
The grey or maybe blue BDG jeans
My lap top
My digital camera and my holga
My most recent journal
A few really soft tshirts

So I'm cleaning my room. (shared with Asher)
We have a lot of space and a lot of shit.

Apparently, half (or more) of the stuff we own just sits around. I'm trying hard to get rid of "things" that no longer serve their purposes. If I had to pack up my car right now, there's not much I really would take with me. Just stuff. Nothing really special. Just things. I don't know why it's so hard to let go of the "stuff" that's just sitting around. I'm sitting with this. It's strange. Every time I go to the book shelf, (at least tonight), I've been pulling off books that I don't want. But in reality, most of those books are just part of how I identify with the outside world. When I have friends over, I want them to see that I'm into Photography, Queers, Women, Art, Poetry, Yoga. I really don't need most of my books to survive. Maybe 5 of them are super special. But the rest are just so that when you come to my house, you can see the depth of my "coolness." Just writing this makes me want to get rid of most of my things. Maybe I will.. just maybe.


Anonymous said...

enough is as good as a feast
more then enough is a burden

Malcolm said...

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Malcolm Shute

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