Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd series.

This past weekend I went to David G's 2nd Series workshop.

We 'learned' 2nd series. Friday night a few asanas. Saturday a whole slew of asana (almost all of it). Sunday 2nd series led class (except the last pose where your leg is in bound lotus and you're on your back and we skipped the 7 headstands.).

I definitely learned a lot about the mechanics of the poses, I learned the vinyasa in and out of the asana, but when it comes down to it, I also forgot most of what I learned... I also can barely do any of this series. It was a humbling experience. I just bought Gregor Maele's "the intermediate series" book. I'm reading it before bed at night. I just am browsing and kind of relearning the asana in my head. I am fascinated with how this series is put together. Gregor really breaks it down in a cool way. I'll have to get my book out and pick out the things that have been catching my eye.

Y2 has moved their morning mysore to Dhyana @ Rittenhouse location. I went to David's led class on Friday, which he taught as a "vinyasa" style class. (I guess there were a lot of newbies there to Ashtanga). We only did half primary. I was disappointed. I was so ready for the count and for the sweat and for the meditative quality of the led class. Oh well. Sundays are led primary days. I can't go this week because I have TT at 11 on Sunday and I have a feeling that getting finished at 10:45 from led will cause me to be late and I can't be late!! I'll get in trouble. haha.

I'm tired. I just spoke to JILL!!! on skype! Hi Jill!!!!! Good luck at registering at the Shala!! (She's in Mysore!! and it's hot there, be jealous, I am!!) :)



sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?


Tom said...

David's Sunday class was great. I have never done the primary series before and my hamstrings are still letting me hear about it.