Saturday, January 16, 2010

oh what a night!

Yesterday I had a test run at Dmitri's to see if I could 'hustle.' A try out.

I worked all day (8:30-4:30) as the nanny, and then I was off...

I got to Dmitri's by 4:40, sat in Fitler's Square and found some composure. Went inside early, as I'd rather be early than on time or late. I sat with the Bartender and we talked a bit until the Manager came. Manager talked to me about how the night would go. I had coffee and dinner and people started to fill in the restaurant.

I basically brought food to table, bussed tables, filled waters, etc. I did all the jobs that a server would do, except I didn't take orders and I didn't bring alcoholic beverages to the tables. I had a freaking blast. The way the service is at Dmitri's is really great. All servers help each other. It's non-competitive. Tips are split at end of the night depending on how many hours you were there. It's like one big, somewhat happy, somewhat sweaty, serving family. I really enjoyed my time. I was there from 5-9:30 and the time flew by. I was sweating. I was focused. I learned the menu pretty fast. Tattoos are great. Clothing is casual. Laid back attitude. The manager said he would send a text to the Manager of the Northern Libs. Location and let her know that I did a fabulous job. He and some of the other servers checked in with me through out the night to see how I was doing and I said great everytime. I love being busy. I love making money fast. This is what I need to do...

When I got off, I got a Kenzinger and sat at the bar and just took the whole experience in.

I hopped on my bike after and enjoyed my almost 4 mile trek home.. The streets were really empty last night and I just coasted along. It was warm enough that I didn't need a face warmer. I was extremely high on endorphins.

I'm 99.9% positive that this job is mine. I'd like to say 100%.. but you never know.

All the love in the world. xo

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