Friday, January 1, 2010

6 changes.

I was reading Christina's blog and her most recent post is about 6 changes for the new year, for a new life it seems as well. I'm definitely into making new year's resolutions that will not only impact your year, but your entire life. I like the concept of having only 6 new changes, giving yourself 2 months for each goal.

Here are mine:
1) No white foods: sugar, bread, rice, etc. (only brown rice, brown bread, etc. and agave/honey will my choice of sweetener if I decide to use it at all)
2) Think before speaking and really decide to use my words for the positive. (no shit talking.)
3) Honesty with myself so I can be honest with others. (this is always reoccurring...)
4) Continue to spend time alone with myself and take myself on "self dates"
5) Figure out a hobby and devote time to exploring it and enjoying it
6) Start to be more aware of how I spend my money.. put more into savings, less into buying stuff I don't need..

Do you have any changes you'd like to make for the new year? Life goals?

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Malcolm said...

Try to watch the rain more, watch my daughter...generally spend more time noticing. Hello 2010!