Thursday, January 7, 2010

the little red hen.

i recently got a version of the little red hen that has a different, more positive ending.

i'm thinking about reading this short story to the TT class for the beginning of my 'lead the om.' (on feb. 3rd)

the lead the om is basically a 20 minute "opening" to a vinyasa class. we are all required to lead the om as a practice for becoming a teacher.

i want to read this story and relate it to the yama: aparigraha (non-hoarding, non-possessiveness). i think it works. i need to think on this, but i think it would be cool to tie this traditional story with a positive ending to yoga.

just a thought..

also, we have an open class plan due on jan. 20th and i started to plan mine yesterday. i'm going to practice it today and see if it flows and makes sense. i only got the standing parts done, when we get to the floor i'm not sure about how to put shoulder stand into the sequence. i need to talk to my mentor. or jill. yeah, that's what i gots to do. xo

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