Monday, January 25, 2010

things are changing.

Life doesn't always pan out as we plan it to.. Things change and that's a good thing. For fucking sure!

I'm in the process of switching jobs. Going from nanny (poopy diapers) to waitressing (shitty customers? haha. only 1/2 the time..) I'll be waiting tables at Dmitri's in Northern Libs, which is a rock throws distance away from my apt. (My bike is actually always parked in front of D's, so if you don't see my bike, it means I'm out and about!)

The family I work for knows that I'm leaving them eventually. We didn't pick a date, but I did tell them that I will need to cut back to part time when I start to hustle people for tips by giving them plates of octopus and hummus. The family I work for is expecting a 2nd child in mid-February. The mom will be staying home full time, so I know they will be ok when I tell them that I am ready to go for good. For now, I will stay part time and see them through the transition into full on parenthood. (1 kid is a breeze, 2 seems like hell in a handbasket!)

I'm about half-way through teacher training at WakeUp yoga. That's a doozie. If you think that a 250-hour certification is easy, well think again! It's massively time consuming, but fabulously fun. I'm making the greatest friends and learning the art and science of teaching asana, among other things. My practice has been half vinyasa, half ashtanga (the ashtanga half is more like a quarter, but let's pretend, for my sake that it's half and half).

We finish the program at the end of April and I can't say that I'm not excited for the end. I'm excited to get my weekends back, but i'll be a little sad when I have no more workshops or weekends of intensive yoga stuff to do...

Jill comes in April for a week long Early Morning Retreat Week. 5 days of early morning Jill!! I signed up, but need to hand in my money in order to be on the list. You know I'll be doing that ASAP to secure a spot.

I'm excited to start the journey at Dmitri's. I'm looking forward to reclaiming my early morning yoga practices. I'm stoked to have my days free to leisurely drink tea and make food and eat well and just be all around free to do whatever it is I want to do.

I went to Tina's Ayurvedic workshop on Saturday for TT. That was fabulous. I tried to write a blog about just that earlier, but the words were just not there. She's extremely smart and funny. I had a blast. I learned that i'm a Vata-Pitta Dosha. (look up Vata Dosha and tell me that doesn't describe me to a T!) ha. I'm fascinated by the Ayurvedic lifestyle. I am taking it all in and incorporating what I can (daily rituals: dry brush and oil, tongue scraper. eating largest meal of the day around 12. getting to bed by 10.. when i'm not working. having my bed be forsex and sleep.. using the 6 tastes ..sweet. salty. sour. pungent. bitter. astringent.. in as many meals as possible..)

Anyway, lots going on. lots changing. I feel like I'm growing up.


Diana said...

I am vatta- pitta too! change is good!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the changes
wondering what is happening next...