Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now.

1. chai tea at the random tea room.
2. spending yesterday doing nothing at all, all day, with asher.
3. selling things on craigslist for cash money.
4. asana practice.
5. cleaning my 'closet', getting rid of things.
6. watching a newbie learn ashtanga from the beginning: it's so cool to watch how the teacher teaches and the student learns. i love this process of learning. one on one, with other's around, breath, driste, bandhas, asana. woot woot woot.
7. my wavy, wavy, scraggly longish hair. and my big, betty page, bangs.
8. witnessing a marriage/union of two people who are madly in love with each other.
9. i love the fact that i put a pink feather into sage's dog collar and it's still there and she looks like a circus dog, i love her for letting my do that. she had no choice really. but still.
10. upcoming adventure travels. secret stuff.


Mr Lonely said...

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Sara said...

Random Tea Room has the BEST chai, I miss it so!

Diana said...

stealing your idea of what makes me happy as well as my addition of mantra of the day