Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm currently sitting in Tampa International Airport. Waiting for my flight to Austin, TX. This is the first time I'm flying with a laptop. I won't lie to you here. I feel pretty fancy and dorky playing on my laptop in an airport. This is normally something I do at home, in pajamas, or what not.. It feels weird to be out in the open with my electronic toy of choice.

Anyway. I'm going to Austin. I'll visit friends. See the city. Check out the diggs.

I'll also be practicing yoga at (click) Ashtanga Austin. (hopefully, time and transportation permitting.)

I plan on sweating it out, tapas style. Swimming. Eating. Drinking. Playing. and deciding if ATX is the city we've all be waiting for.

OH. Asher and Morgan are taking a bike "ride" across the country. 4,000 miles. Virginia to Oregon. I met these two fools, almost 4 years ago.. They told me that this was one of their dreams.. So they are finally doing it! I'll be in Philly, watching the beasts, making some $, practicing lots of asana and going "steady" with myself.

It will be the summer of Amanda dating herself. I'm scared and excited.

My great great friend from TT will be renting Morgan's room.

Follow Asher and Morgan on their blog: (click) One Loud Day

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