Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judaism to Yoga and back again.

I've struggle with being a Jew for a very long time.

I was raised Jewish, but there have been times in my life where I needed to stray from the teachings of Judaica in order to explore my life a little bit more.

After many years of exploring, I want to return to my Jewish roots.

There have been many moments where teachings of yoga has lead me back to teachings of Judaism.

So, I'm at a point where I love my yoga practice and I love the spiritual side that yoga has to offer.
But I also like Judaism and that's my religion. Yoga is not a religion for me. It might be for some? I do not know the answer.

I am devoting my life to being a Jewish Yoga Practitioner.

Not a Yogi who does Jew.

But a Jew who does yoga.

I feel really good about this. I'm getting back on track.

"Gadol k'vod habriyot - Great is the value of human dignity." - Talmud

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