Thursday, March 19, 2009

dropbacks are scary or fear at it's finest.

i've been writing this blog in my head since 7:46 this morning when i rushed down the stairs and ran across the street to catch the bus. 

it's been fairly easy to get up everyday at 5:30 this week. i mean, david is here. so there's major motivation to get to practice on time. today i really don't remember waking up. alarm one goes off at 5:25 and i'm sure i closed my eyes. but around 5:28 i open them and realize next alarm goes off at 5:30 so it's time to get moving.

i did my usual morning activity. 5 minutes on the computer. get dressed. do hair. take out pig. feed pig. grab grub from fridge. catch bus at 6:02 to be at practice by 6:13 or so. i got to the bus at 5:57.. and i waited. and waited. i considered a cab. i saw andrea ride by on her moped. i got sad. and wanted to jump on the back. finally a bus came at 6:06. normally i wouldn't care about a late bus, but david is here. and i have to work at 8 everyday (except yesterday i got to come in at 8:15 yippee!) i get on the bus. i'm a little upset. but there's nothing i can do except just get to y2 and do my practice. i did 5 a's and 4 b's today so i could have the more time for dropbacks at the end. 

i felt kind of rushed through standing.. i slowed down on the floor. i'm working on jumping back and through... i think i'm starting to finally "get it," both mentally and physically. so that is coming along...

david worked on supta kurmasana with me. it's like seriously so intense. i can't control the intensity. but yea.

i'm working on dropbacks. those are scary. for the past two days, david assisted me in every sense of the word. but today, he said, are you doing these alone? and i said i don't know... haha.
he told me to do it and that he would catch me towards the end. so i just did it and let gravity do it's thing. david stayed true to his word and "caught" me before i hit the ground and helped me on my way back up. i'm starting to realize how much you can control these damn dropbacks if you use your hips in the right way.

anyway, they are scary. but i'm trying to get over this fear. i used to be scared to roll around in garbha pindasana. i'm not anymore. i'm still scared of headstand. but i'm getting over that too. slowly slowly.

blog blog blog. about yoga yoga yoga. boring for those who don't do yoga, but for those that do... you get what i'm saying about everything. ok. well off to baby land... 

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