Saturday, March 7, 2009

this is me posting from bk.

i worked yesterday from 8-545. 

walked to chinatown. finally found my bus company. new century 2000 travel.

let me tell you, it was horrific. mobs of people. chaos. disorder. 

all i could do was squeeze my yoga mat against my chest and breathe.

patience is a virtue and all i could do was breathe and be nice to people. 

i missed the first 2 buses. but finally squeezed my way onto the 3rd that had come by.

i sat next to a brooklyn girl who is my age. has a master's and has been unemployed for almost a year. 

i got into chinatown around 9:10. quinn couldn't find me for like 20 minutes. so she took a cab to come get me. 

we finally made it to brooklyn at like 10:30. went to eat at kitchen bar. i had a burger and a pomegranate mojito. 

at quinn's by 12:30 or so. in bed. slept really well.

it's quiet here except for this song.....

umm all i hear are birds. it's amazing. but i still would never live in new york and that's that!


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