Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is me in the middle of my apt. a 365 degree view.

got rid of sofa. now the bike isn't sitting against the bed. yay!
josh's room on left. front door on right. a chair with all my various bags, sage's food and 2 yoga mats. ferret's cage in the corner.
asher in his kingdom of clothing and computer.
the bed. the storage unit. my clothing, my computer, the bookshelf/ my nightstand.
the bed. the pig and her domain. asher's bookshelf. the red chair that has many purposes.
our new bed stuff. woo hoo for new clean things. those are throw pillows and i plan on throwing them off the bed every night. partttttty.
the mantle full of jew stuff. bills. a jade plant from jp. and my ipod. 

ahhh. i love when we change around this apartment. it keeps it fresh. 

things are a changing and i think i like it. 

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Anonymous said...

see pig

: )