Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mondays practice.

i've been busy. work. work. work. moving around apartment. wart on foot. boyfriend  has shingles. work work work.

kcdv gave me a ride to y2 so i didn't have to wait for the bus in the snow storm. it was awesome! thank you so much! glad i made it to practice because sunday i took off to take care of my foot and boytoy... and today i have lady's holiday. so back to the mat tomorrow. thank goodness. i'll get two more practices in this week, then off to new york... maybe qr will take me to yoga to the people so i can do something physical this weekend. hmm.

i'm so beat. i'm beat. beat beat. beat poet. 

if the computer at work isn't fixed, then my blogs are probably going to be short and sweet like this because i normally don't have time to blog once i get home...

(plans for this week in the evenings: monday: rearranged apt. tuesday: walmart and ikea. wednesday: cleaning y2 real good. thursday: laundry.. or led class at y2? friday: off to new york!)

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