Friday, February 27, 2009

CCC....or i need to blog before i lose it. or i have a wart.

adam reminded me of CCC fridays. i got to y2 at 6:15 and i was bouncing off the walls with excitement. 16 of us for led class. it was so fun. got to practice next to kcdv. and a new guy. i totally touched him by accident in at least 3 poses. we were all pretty close. 

had coffee with adam. hung out with him before foot doc appt.

hi, i totally have a wart. (aka wort!) ummm this sucks ass. i need to wear bandaids to practice. put salicylic acid on it once a day. cut off skin once a week. go to doc once a month. and eventually get that sucker cut out of me... but right now it's too big. 1 cm. i'm 1cm dilated with wart. i'm ready to get this baby out! oiy vey. the doctor was amazing though. so we'll definitely be going to see her. me and my wart. i'll take lots of precautions not to walk around barefoot at y2 unless i have bandaid. and will be cleaning the shower there like woah. (no worries my friends!) also, apparently, you don't really get warts unless you have an open wound on your foot or hand. so keep it clean folks and wear bandaids!


boyfriend might have shingles. oiy. oiy. 


apparently. we are both a wreck.

haircut tonight should make all things better.

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